CLC Supplemental Pooled Trust

Dedicated to providing financial services and
other forms of assistance to persons with disabilities

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About CLC Trusts

Two Choices

Currently, two types of Supplemental Needs Pooled Trusts are available, a Self-Settled Pooled Trust (PT2) and a Third-Party Settled Pooled Trust (PT1). Participation in either enables individuals with a disabilities to maintain eligibility for government benefits such as Medicaid and Supplemental Social Security (SSI), and still set aside monies in the trust to pay for their own supplemental needs.


Funds deposited in either type of CLC trusts can pay for items not covered by Medicaid or SSI, such as vacations, clothing, certain medical expenses, and other extras that enhance a participant's quality of life. A CLC trust can be established to provide for those needs without ever jeopardizing current or future government benefits.


Once a participant has officially joined a CLC trust, funds are deposited into one of the two types of independently managed trusts, where individual accounts are maintained at a major financial institution. Money can be deposited or withdrawn for eligible expenses when needed. The CLC Foundation oversees and records all transactions into and out of each account to ensure compliance with Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust (SNPT) guidelines.

Two Types of CLC Trusts

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