CLC Supplemental Pooled Trust

Dedicated to providing financial services and
other forms of assistance to persons with disabilities

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Participating in a CLC Trust

Supplemental Needs Pooled Trusts (SNPTs) benefit adults who are disabled. However, they are not appropriate for every disabled person.  The general eligibility parameters are as follows:

  1. A participant's disability must be judged as permanent, as defined by the Department of Social Security. An individual with a temporary disability who will most likely recover with therapy is not an SNPT candidate.

  2. Participants may hold full or part-time jobs with limitations.

  3. An SNPT can be set up by a participant with his or her own money, or by the particpant's relatives or friends.

  4. Trust participants who receive government benefits, such as Medicaid and SSI, can maintain these benefits without
alteration after joining a Trust.


Below are case examples of two types of individuals who would benefit from a CLC Trust.